Service Packages

All packages include:

Monitoring includes:

  Services   Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Remote Monitoring Infrastructure:        
    Setup and installation x x x x
    24x7 Alerts activation x x x x
SQL Server Assessment:        
    Security assessment   x x x
    Architectural assessment   x x x
    Accessibility assessment   x x x
    Recovery assessment   x x x
    Tuning/optimization assessment   x x x
Database Maintenance:        
    Monthly consulting support hours 0 2 3 4
    Microsoft SQL Server Cluster     x x
    Replication / Log Shipping     x x
Database Implementation:        
    Implementation support   x x x
    Modifying/Creating; Indexes tables,
views Stored Procedures, user objects
  x x x
MS SQL Server Monitoring:        
    24 hours a day, 7 Days a week x x x x
MS SQL Support (Unlimited):        
    Phone Support 6am-6pm 6am-6pm 6am-6pm 24/7
    Emergency Support Hours 24/7 x x x x
    Emergency Response Time 90 Minutes 60 Minutes 30 Minutes 15 Minutes
MS SQL Server Monitoring Includes:        
    Transaction Blocking issues x x x x
    Database Status x x x x
    Scheduled Job Status x x x x
    Memory Cache Status   x x x
    Disk Space verification   x x x
    Error Log File   x x x
    Security issues   x x x
    Transaction Log Space   x x x
    Database Maintenance Check   x x x
    Server Maintenance Check   x x x
    Database and Transaction Log Backup   x x x
    Database Re-indexing   x x x
    Daily Status Report on each server   x x x
    Monthly Status Report   x x x