Monthly Services

For those companies with the database system is absolutely critical to your business we ensure your SQL system is running and tuned optimally and efficiently because your business needs requires it. Our complete services 24x7x365 monitoring and support is conducted around the clock. You benefit from the additional monthly support hours to utilize those hours to reach out to our DBAs for support with your critical questions and/or issues.

Database maintenance and monitoring includes:

Monthly Services (part of the monthly cost)

Monthly Services include Monthly Support hours include
bullet Monitoring Services bullet Continues Performance Analysis
bullet Weekly Reports bullet Database Analysis
bullet Weekly Statistical Reports bullet Table Analysis
bullet Monitoring Notification bullet Fix Failed Jobs
bullet Database urgency calls bullet Long Running Queries
bullet Table urgency calls bullet Blocking issues
bullet All other services included in the Monitoring Services bullet Security issues
* Never exceed assigned hours without client's approval

Additional Services (Charges apply)

Preventive Maintenance and Performance
bullet Database Consistence check (weekly)
bullet Table Consistence check (weekly)
bullet Table Reindex process (weekly)
bullet Table Statistical Update (weekly)
bullet Table Scan identify (daily)
bullet Tables without indexes identify (weekly)
bullet Memory configuration and setup (daily)
bullet Database file and Log file location (weekly)
bullet User connectivity (daily)

* Part of the Monitoring Services (no charges)

Consulting Services

Consulting Project
bullet Migration Project
bullet Consolidation Project
bullet Cluster Server installation
bullet Database Design and Architecture
bullet Thorough performance analysis (SPs and indexes)
bullet DTS Design
bullet Replication, Mirroring, DB Snap Shot Setup
bullet Log Shipping Setup

* Deducted from the monthly hours