Executive Summary

SQLCare Provide completely customized remote database administration and monitoring:

We don't replace existing resources, but we expand current DBA resources by providing services for:

Initial Assessment  
bullet SQL Configuration / Security bullet Backup Process
bullet Database Configuration bullet Database Maintenance
bullet Backup Strategy bullet Setup (customizable) Monitoring Process
bullet Database Maintenance Plan bullet Jobs and DTS Packages
Consulting / Support  
bullet Remote DBA Consulting bullet Onsite DBA Consulting
bullet 24/7 SQL Support    
Monitoring Process 24/7  
bullet Database Status / Errors bullet Tables without indexes alert
bullet Database Fragmentation bullet Index corruption
bullet Data Corruption bullet Disk Space Alert if below 2GB
bullet Database Space utilization bullet Queries running over 3 minutes
bullet Backup Alerts bullet Queries running over 90 minutes
bullet Backup process verification bullet Blocking over ( 1/2 second)
bullet Transaction Log Status bullet Blocking over 3 minutes
bullet Server connectivity bullet Memory
bullet Error Log file bullet Disk IO
bullet Job Failed bullet Disk Queuing
bullet Security Violation bullet CPU Utilization
bullet Jobs running over 2 hours (new) bullet Script all Databases to file weekly
bullet Dead locks (new) bullet Script all Logins with encrypted password weekly
Weekly Statistical information (new)  
bullet Performance Statistics (IO * Disk Queue * CPU * Memory) (new)
bullet Performance Statistics (SQL Cache * # of Users * Dead Locks) (new)
bullet Job(s) failed and the number of time failed (new)
bullet Top 10 longest running jobs (new)
bullet Top 10 worst performing queries or Stored Procedures (new)
bullet Top 10 longest running queries (new)
bullet Top 10 queries that are causing blocking (new)
bullet Database and Log file size history (new)
Weekly reports Other Services (Setup charges apply)
bullet Server Report bullet Log Shipping
bullet Database Status Report bullet Replication / Mirroring / Snapshot
bullet Job Status Report bullet DTS Packages