SQLCare provides remote database administration for companies or organizations in need of additional DBA support. Using a secure VPN connection, our certified DBAs administer and maintain Microsoft SQL Servers remotely.

Initially, our focus is on database backups and maintenance. We'll implement a database backup process, ensure database security, and provide SQL Server tuning and optimization. This includes all hardware, the operating system, and SQL Server evaluation and recommendations.

This service effectively addresses a key issue facing companies today: How do we support our extensive database infrastructure with a limited budget, internal bandwidth, and/or internal expertise? At SQLCare, we offload the complexities and minimize the risk surrounding the continual maintenance and optimization of mission-critical database applications. Our remote administration services focus on the cost-efficient delivery of three challenges facing IT organizations today: consistent and constant database availability, database reliability, and optimal database performance.


Few companies consider database administration to be a core competency. However, all companies utilize databases to take orders, attract new customers, market their businesses, and deliver business automation. Remote database administration allows companies to focus on their core competencies while maximizing utilization of cutting edge database technologies in a cost efficient manner.

By utilizing SQLCare's remote database administration, we can:


SQLCare's CompleteCare is the premier services offering of remote database administration services. It is the only offering in the market today that combines the cost efficiencies of remote delivery with the risk mitigation of local support. SQLCare's CompleteCare provides (but is not limited to) the following: