Frequently Asked Questions:

What does SQLCare do?

SQLCare ensures your organization receives the highest quality, most reliable, hassle-free data management solutions without draining your financial resources.

How much does Remote DBA cost?

SQLCare offers several packages or can be customized to meet your company's requirements. Actual pricing is agreed upon after an initial database assessment is performed to determine your exact needs.

How does Remote administration work?

SQLCare connects to your network through secure transmission over the Internet. This can be done several ways per your company's requirements. For example, a popular way to connect is by allocating a specific one-way transfer IP address and port number assignment. Once connected, SQLCare performs and monitors your database(s) as agreed upon by our contractual agreement.

Who is contacted in the event of a problem?

We assign a Primary and Secondary DBA from our team to every client. In the event of a problem or potential performance issue, one of these individuals will respond to the problem and also notify you either by page, email, or phone. Our DBA's function as members of your existing staff, we will offer suggestions, but always follow your guidance as to the specific handling of any issue.

Why would we need your service if we already have a DBA on-staff?

Some organizations are fortunate to have qualified DBA's on staff. Finding and retaining that talent is difficult enough, so it becomes increasingly important that these employees have the time to remain focused on the strategic needs of your business. Your staff should not have to spend their time with tedious day-to-day activities.

SQLCare compliments your existing resources and brings our pool of resources and knowledge to your organization that might not otherwise be available. We have the database expertise to fully support your mission-critical environments.

What kind of people are going to be managing my database?

Our team consists of nothing but the most experienced DBA's, we reward our staff on performance and excellent customer service. Each team member goes through rigorous tests to even be on our team, and we maintain their skills through continuous learning and specialized training.

What do you initially perform once connected?

a. Once connected, we will analyze the operating system configuration.

b. We analyze the SQL configuration/security/access.

c. We analyze the backup, disaster recovery, and maintenance strategies.

d. Then we start the monitoring process.

What type of maintenance do you perform?

We will defrag, update statistics, and check tables and databases on a weekly basis.

Who will monitor my servers?

Our dedicated team of Microsoft Certified DBA experts and you will be assigned to two specific DBAs as well as your servers will be monitored by at least two DBAs at any given time for complete redundancy.

What type of access do you need?

Either secure VPN access or direct access by our specific IP addresses and a port number to the SQL server.

What about Security?

Security is our utmost priority at all times and is very tight -- especially since we monitor insurance and financial companies and we must stay compliant with all their specific security requirements. Our security policy is only having access to the SQL server via encrypted communication between us and the client.

What type of operating system (OS) access do you require?

We don't need any OS access only SQL Server access.

Will you install anything on the OS?

We absolutely do not install anything on the OS, the entire monitoring is via TSQL. Therefore, there is no performance loss to any of the systems (hardware or software).

What will you monitor on the OS?

We check for, but is not limited to, disk space, IO, CPU load, disk paging, and disk queuing utilization.

What type of SQL access/rights do you need?

SA (System Administration) rights.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have a 3 million dollar insurance policy.

How long has the company been in business?

We have been in business since 1998.

What if I need someone just for a specific SQL project in addition to the monitoring and support?

Any specific project that needs to be done can normally be performed and accomplished remotely or we can be on site if necessary. Hours for these projects are taken from the included monthly hours included with every monitoring and support contract. Any hours that are utilized above this amount will be charged separately at a discounted rate.

Tell me more about Log Shipping?

We highly recommend a Log Shipping Server. SQLCare will monitor the Standby server at no additional cost. Log Shipping is simply taking the current backup of the Log file and restoring it on a Standby server as a read only database.

What type of reports will you automatically send me?

Reports are automatically sent out weekly consisting of jobs, database status, server status, and performance criteria. All reports are sent out via email.

How about performance, will you analyze my database and fine tune and optimize it?

That's the first thing we do. We analyze the database and the indexes and make applicable recommendations. If anything is required, will notify the client before making any changes or adjustments.

Do you have DBAs offshore?

No, all of our DBAs are in the US.

Can I reach someone 24/7 ?

Yes, you can call your designated DBA or (888) 740-0923 to be connected to one of our certified DBAs.

What do you do when something goes wrong with my SQL Server?

We will notify you via email or phone depending on the severity. Our policy is not to exercise any drastic or major changes or adjustments until authorized to do so.

What if a job failed?

We will notify you and attempt to fix the failure based on appropriate authorization from the client.